The COMPAQ-HPST project was created in 2003 to develop health quality indicators and to establish effective ways of using them.

It aims to:

  • Develop quality indicators and make recommendations for their widespread use in health facilities or healthcare pathways
  • Establish effective ways of using quality indicators at three levels:
    • The quality management (hospital management)
    • The public dissemination of results (ranking hospital)
    • The financial incentive to quality (Paying for performance)    


  • Proposed nationwide implementation of 58 indicators
  • Developed tools for quality management based on indicators
  • Established a framework of objectives for public reporting
  • Defined a method to aggregate the results in composite quality score
  • Established a framework to develop the payment to quality in hospitals

COMPAQ-HPST is an operational research project supported by the Ministry of Health and by the National Authority for Health (HAS), and is coordinated by the French National Institute for Medical Research (INSERM). The Institut Gustave Roussy hosts the project.