Paying for performance

This theme is another level of use of indicators that refers to new forms of regulation of the performance and quality of care.

We have developed:

- A prospective study of payment methods to quality and their relationship to the T2A (paying for the activity)

- A seminar bringing together all the institutional partners of the hospital and private practice, under the sponsorship of the HAS, the DHOS, and Assurance-Maladie was held in February 2008. In this, we are discussed the prospects for application in the French context.

- A literature review (2008) published in 2008 after the seminar on the subject: it presents an overview of U.S. and British initiatives in the field of P4P.

- Compaq-HPST was recently mandated to participate in the development of an experiment in health care facilities organized by the Ministry of Health (2011)