Public diffusion

The works in this area are:

1.Definition of a framework of the objectives of the public reporting of quality indicators in healthcare.

The work finished in 2007 to develop the concept of "accountability" has identified four objectives for the public reporting of the quality indicators results in the form of rankings:

                - Transparency to the citizen (health democracy)

                - Patient’s choice who acts as an informed consumer

                - Quality improvement for the professionals to increase their practices and their organization

                - Ability to regulate the quality level by the government


Different positive and unexpected effects have also been identified (see related publications).


2.Analysis of the impact of public reporting

A review of the literature was done in 2009 on this subject on the basis of various international initiatives.


3.Aggregation of quality measures

A report on the subject was done in 2010 based on a comparison of different methods of aggregation.


The results of this comparison are the subject of a scientific publication.