Quality management

There is a natural extension to consider that once validated, the indicators will be used in health facilities to improve quality management. In this area, our work is twofold:

  1. To elaborate a tool to interpret the results of the measure or actions to improve the quality of healthcare. We have developed a tool called "situations grid┬╗ aimed to help hospitals to diagnose their non-conformities. Another work that is been developed by Project PRIQS (financed by ANR) is seeking to better establish this link evaluation / improvement, and in general the adoption of the indicators by professionals.
  2. To define factors of quality management explaining the results of quality indicators:

It is assumed here that the differences between the health facilities are due to factors such as management ability to develop improvement actions. The research conducted was to establish an initial list of these factors on the basis of a literature review and empirical analysis in four hospitals, and validation with the experts. A list of 19 factors is been tested on the results generalized by the HAS in 2011.